Art settlement

1、Artist Village ( first phase )

Located at the north of MOCA Yinchuan, to the west of Wetland Park, and the east of Hui Nongqu Eco-park, the project started in 2013 and completed in 2015, which covers near17897㎡ of its first term.

With the cooperation of the international art institute and curators, exhibitions、artistic creation and academic exchange will be hold at the Artist Village, and it will also be the place for the project of International "Artist-in-Residence".

2、Sculpture Park

Occupied by near 115 acres , was started in 2013 and completed in 2014.Became the culture venue for presenting the contemporary sculpture、 installation and landscape, holding outdoor performance, integrated with artistic creation and academic exchange.

3、Fish Pond Wetland Park (Phase I)

Occupied by 330 acres of the first term, it will be the area for highest biological diversity and most distinct features of the national wetland park “ Min Cuihu” with the moderate reformation of the original wetland and fishpond at the outside of existing base, which also follows the protective requirement of the south of “ Min Cuihu”.

4、Stone Carving Park ( first phase )

Occupied by 200 acres of the first term, it will present 204 pieces of stone carving and sculptures from Han to Min and Qing dynasties, which is to be the cultural landmark of the sole large-scale high imitation of ancient China’s classic sculptures.

5、Hui Nongqu Eco-Park ( first phase )

Occupied by 126 acres of the first term, it will form a virtuous circle of the whole ecosystem, and enhance the integration of the regional ecosystem with the one in schedule, by the way of connecting the ecological corridor. And it will also create wealthy spatial form of water by integrating with its natural mechanics.

6、HeLe Village

Occupied by 927 acres, we have designed  high participatory and experiential tourism products, base on the geographic resources and market preference, used large-scaled paddies to be the Landscape textures, and ecological art as the theme. Our primary motivation is increasing knowledge during the children’s trip, to develop the vacation tour of Art and Eco education, to construct the area to be attraction of the competitiveness for long term. Meanwhile, the various activities of four seasons will not only bring in brands and people, but also solve the problems caused by  the tourist season and the off-season.