Relaxation — The Secret Garden of Cartoon Fantasy

Duration:2018.03.17 - 2018.05.27


Curator:Suchen Hsieh

No matter you are a cheerful person or relatively restrained,

You would be free in front of it.

No matter you are at your seventies and eighties or a teenager,

You will always have beautiful memories in it.

And this is a little pal called “Cartoon”.

Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art is going to hold the 2nd International Cartoon Exhibition “Relaxation—The Secret Garden of Cartoon Fantasy” and “Made in China 005 / 006” exhibition curated by the artistic director of YMCA from March 17 to May 27, 2018. Yinchuan is located in the Southern Frontier, and the 1st Cartoon Exhibition created a new record for the most visited art museum; besides, the charm of cartoon leads the younger generation into the museum, a seemingly unattainable hall of aesthetic education. The art museum of the new century is faced with the information convenience under the globalization and the new requirements of the audience, and the number of visitors to the platform of cultural experiments is far less than the number of those to amusement parks and zoos which provide warm memories and instant entertainment. If we boldly assume that the art cartoon is about the remaining childlike innocence hidden in the minds of human beings, we can discuss that this type of aesthetic vocabulary is the key to inspire the audience to the art museums. The “Made in China” series has always been a brand exhibition launched by YMCA, and this time, the Chinese artist Li Hongbo will bring you “Made in China 005” and the Japanese artist Akinori Matsumoto will bring “Made in China 006”. We believe that everything you meet here will be a surprise!

“Then the Moon Forgot” is going to “Turn Left, Turn Right” or spend “One More Day With You”, listening to “Singing in the Forest” while playing “123 Wooden Man”, with “Beautiful Solitude”. Do you still remember the person called “Jimmy”? This time he will show up with his manuscript of “Lie to Me?” in YMCA Cartoon Exhibition. Besides, there are comic books with Jimmy’s autographs and related cultural and creative products for sale, as well as VR experience activities for you to immerse into, which can provide more realistic experience for Jimmy’s painting world.

There is also Dr. Elefun who looks like a flattened Einstein—this time he will join the exhibition with our smart and brave little hero Astro Boy; and the ones in “Dragon Ball” we used to wait by TV after school with no food and homework undone: Sun Goku, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Chichi, Oolong and so on. Who will come? This time you can watch the celluloid film and then go back to review the animation again, searching for the childhood memories.

Animation belongs to art and is a way of expression of the soul resort.
The 2nd International Cartoon Exhibition of YMCA, “Relaxation—The Secret Garden of Animation Fantasy” will relax you from the pressure, keep you simple and let you regain the remaining childlike innocence hidden in your mind.

Hayao Miyazaki said:
I think creating animation is just creating a fictional world. That world can soothe the souls oppressed by reality, inspire the dispirited will, resolve the affected disorder and provide the audience a gentle and relaxed mood as well as a purified state of mind.

People who like cartoons may keep a pure land in their hearts.
In this exhibition, we will focus on relaxation with the sky of fantasy as a core.
We choose works that will make the audience smile and open their imagination,
About humanity, reality, society and everyday life…
No matter they are healing or not,
We hope that you will eventually attain the kindness and beauty of human nature from them.

Only people who possess childlike innocence,
Can open the door of cartoon’s secrets.
March 17, 2018,
Together with the twenty-six domestic and foreign artists
Walk into the secret garden of cartoon fantasy,
And find out more wonders and surprises!