Reading the Raindrops——The Western China Artists Documenta

Duration:2017.03.19 - 2017.06.04

Venue:银川当代美术馆 5、6号展厅

Western China is such a magical presence, a combination of vastness and myth that depends on visual memory for its existence. Its records of civilization are short and unique compared to the east, and that is what has lured the roving imagination to land and sprout roots here.

This universal cultural dislocation has left the west often derided as a cultural wasteland. It blows in on the frigid air to root itself into the land. Drops of rain are like manna to this parched wilderness. Artists are also like manna, sweeping low and silent over the land, like the often overlooked or disputed call of the owl, leaving traces of life beyond the flourishing market. We are attempting to collect these drops of rain, and to join them with a platform that overlooks customary artistic values to irrigate the miraculous flowers of this desiccated land. “Though thousands may block my path, still I move forward.” This is the fundamental mindset of art.

The task of creating an archive is a lonely one. In this day of rapidly-changing information, ubiquitous entertainment and flowing capital, the way in which a museum accumulates materials and educates the public through exhibitions is vastly different from most methods of pure accumulation. Through time and space, past and future, exhibitions drive us to humbly record the cyclical flows of these western artists in the face of limitations our setting and the passage of time.

A drawing is a musical note that captures a moment of the artist’s emotions, an essence that comes together to form a score of desire. Through compilation, arrangement, presentation and promotion, they flow together to form a great river that will carve out a corner of dignity on the landscape of art.

Complete Artist List:

Chen Ke、Guo Wei、 He Sen、Huang Lin、Jia Juanli、Li Jianfeng、Li Qiushi、Liu Renxian、Liu Ying、Maokun Pang、Qiu Jiongjiong、Ren Xiaolin、Su Bin、Wang Rongzhi、Wei Jiia、Xie Fan、Xun Guipin、Xia Yan、Zhang Ai、Zhang Zhaoying

Cover Handmade paper, ink 600x1600cm 201

Abstract Series No.3 Oil on canvas 97X15

Girl. Make-up Oil on canvas 150×190 cm 2

Paradise on Earth Installation Size vari

Idle at Home Oil on flax 99cm×99cm 1988

Ambiguous and Safe Behavior Oil on flax

Gorgeous Meditative Mind Oil on flax 200

Space Memories No.2 Oil on canvas 200x26

I am Your Gift Acrylic on canvas 1.6X1.2

Winter-Series Paintings of Four Seasons

Washing Elephant Acrylic on board 300x72

Fall of Dream 70X70cmX2 Oil on canvas 20

Summer NO.3 160X140CM Oil on canvas 2013

Silk Ash Heap II 300×200cm Acrylic on ca

Scenery Oil painting on silk 200×50cm×6

Forest with Birds Synthetic materials on

Speechless Series05 150x120cm Oil on can