Made in China 003

Duration:2017.03.19 - 2017.06.03

Venue:No.2 Hall of MOCA Yinchuan

The artist Mr. Meng Boshen present an overhead installation art, and the main material of the work are two trees that have been cut down in housebreaking and migration. He cut the trees into pieces, polishes each sections of each piece, and painted them with pencil, then sliced the trees one by one in the original order, and hung them in flexed distance with steel wire. Therefore the size of the trees could be extended twice or number times, finally use pencil to cover them, and present a whole new visual effect. It breaks the original construction of the object, but it could keep the original details. A pencil, a withered tree, all these normal materials have new possibilities.

Meng Boshen was born in Liaoning,

graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Now he lives and works in Beijing. He started his creation research about faith in his college days, and he found a new possibility of pencil in a childhood game, he uses the pencil to scribble the installation works, glass, chinaware, and other materials. It looks normal, but it is a bold trial.