Made in China 2

Duration:2016.07.23 - 2016.08.21

Venue:Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan

【Made in China 2】

Huang Pei-ying


“Flowing” are marks left by the coalescence of energy. For instance, it can be the accumulation of labor from the people, events and objects that have experienced time and space in the same passageway over time; Also, it could be the Yinchuan city, where is used to be noted for the “Seventy-two Connected Lakes” as a result of the constant shifts of the Yellow River over the centuries.

Washed and refined by the will and time, the spirit concealed deep within the substance begins to emerge: the “flowing” of time, at the condensed moment of its tranquil transition, brings us to the cave in our subconscious from which memories spring forth, as if we are returning back again to experience a warm, familiar childhood memory. The “flowing” of substance, reveals the solid layers of accumulated human civilization within a verisimilitude of environmental space through one flippant phrase after another. The beauty of traces is that they are a view and insight into the circumstances of life, bringing a certain sense of longing for humanity in their passing resemblance to the past. As we witness and cherish the works of time and space, and are awestruck by the beauty of the true appearance of the myriad things, perhaps a sense of nostalgia for original wonder will be kindled within.