Made in China 1

Duration:2016.07.23 - 2016.08.21

Venue:Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan

【Made in China 1】

Artist: Wen-Fu , Yu

Bamboos have been beloved by the Chinese people since ancient time. They regard bamboo as a symbol of integrity and nobility, which become the unneglect symbol of Chinese aesthetics, especially in beautiful Chinese poetry and unique ink-bamboo .

“The Reflection” is made by whitened bamboos which adhesive with feathers, installed upside down to present the reflection of the illusion of bamboos from the silent lake. Started from virtual image, “ The Reflection“ resembling the fine effects of light and shade of the ink-bamboo. The inverted reflection shows the contrary of the real v.s fake, black (ink) v.s white (feather), reversing the positive and negative film images. All the bamboos grows from upside down like they are free from the force of gravity. Therefore, the viewer will get an illusion of being looking down from above, at the same time, falling into an anti-gravity yet dreamful space. The re-creation of the white feather as the black ink, wall as the paper, thus forms the oriental poetic conception.