Opening Exhibition: Accommodation of Vision—Early Chinese Western-style Paintings

Duration:2015.08.08 - 2018.01.14

Venue:Hall 3 of MOCA Yinchuan

Curator: Lu Peng/p>

The exhibition will present classic works from the collection of MOCA Yinchuan, depicting the progression of techniques, subjects and languages in early Chinese oil paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries, revealing a historical tableau of cultural clashes, borrowing and fusion.

Online exhibition

Portrait ofEmperor Qianlong in wintersui

Chinese patrolboats Sunqua 1860 oil on c

Winter scene Fatqua 1800-1825 oil on can

Coastalviewof Pearl River Lamqua 1850 Oi

Portrait ofthe Hong MerchantHowqua Lamqu

Officer ofthehongs George Chinnery oil o

Shepherdess Spoilum 1770-1790 oil on gla

Lotus in Garden Tingqua 19th century oil

Panorama of Nam Van,Macao Youqua 19th ce

Yuqua 《Chinese Garden》45.8X59.1 Oil on c

Yuqua 《Chinese Garden》45.8X59.1 Oil on c