Opening Exhibition: Between East and West—Chinese and Islamic Contemporary Art

Duration:2015.08.08 - 2015.12.06

Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan

Curator:Lu Peng

This exhibition presents artworks of artists from west China and middle-east. By observing the artworks of the artists, this exhibition presents the existential experiences of artists as individual practitioners and the state of contemporary art in west China and the countries more to the west, thus exploring the linguistic traits and mutual influences of art in the contemporary, globalized context, as well as the influence of Islamic culture on the thoughts and creative approaches of contemporary artists. On the foundation of a dialogue with the two preceding exhibition segments, this exhibition will also present the contemporary evolution of civilization exchanges, while embodying the two focal points of the Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan: Chinese contemporary art and Islamic culture.

Curator's article:《Between East and West—Chinese and Islamic Contemporary Art》

List of Artists

Ali Assaf、 Anahita Ghasemkhani、 AZAD NANAKELI、 ELEKTRA KB、、GÖNÜL NUHOĞLU 、 Halim Al Karim CV、 Idris Khan、

Morteza Zahedi、 Saba Masoumian、 Sami Al Karim、 Shrin Neshat、 Walid Siti、 Jia Yu、 Jin Le、 Biography、 Ma Qizhi、 Ma Yongjin、Tongqiang Mao、 Shao Yinong、 Wang Zhi Gang、 CV of Utopian Group、 Zhang Jian、Xing Zhang

Online exhibition

Way and Door 2011

The journey 147 × 102 cm Mixed Medium on

Halim Al-Karim Witness From Baghdad No.

Endgame of Chinese chess 10m×11m Track,S

Geopolitical fragments 13.75m Water Colo

Mr. Lu Xun,2011 250cm×250cm Oil on Canva