Opening Exhibition: Re-folk—Transformed Traditional Elements in Contemporary Art

Duration:2015.08.08 - 2015.12.06

Venue:Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan

Curator:Suchen Hsieh

This exhibition invites international contemporary artists to demonstrate the ways they transform traditional folk elements into creations and ideas in the form of on-canvas, sculpture and installation works, which is further developed into a confluence of diverse cultures, expanding on the meaning and value of traditional culture.

Curator's article: Re-Folk—Transformed Traditional Elements in Contemporary Art

List of Artists:

Barbara、 Fan Chiang Ming Tao、Geng Xue、Jian Feng、Lee Ming-tse、Li Qiushi、Wang Lei、Wen Fang、Jam Wu、Xie Yangfan、You Wen Fu

Online exhibition

Felt Hat Barbara Keal 30-75×15-45×20-45c

Potting series Fan Jiangminto 35-60×20-3

Mr.Sea Geng Xue Time 17'23s Video 2015

Curtain Hause Liu Jianfeng 90×180cm Curt

Question from Calabash Li Mingcai 260 ×

Hui arabesquitic Li Qiushi 150×180cm acr

Hand weave tissue Wang Lei 30×50× 170cm

Living x10 Wen Fang 142×100×8cm Board.Sh

Myth, Symbol Tree, And Missing Animals W

Long Night Xie Yangfan 70-200×32-40 ×25-

Rain,Wind,and Body Yu Wenfu 400 × 300cm