Silent Narratives: international and blockbusting,A Dialogue between the ancient and present Silk Ro

On June 1, 2019, Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan (MOCA Yinchuan) will hold an exhibition entitled Silent Narratives, which tries to break the restrictions of time, space as well as region. The Curator Huang Mei cooperated with MOCA Yinchuan and invited 24 (group) artists from various countries along the Silk Road, such as China, Iraq, Israel, Iran and Turkey to present their contemporary works of art together with some ancient historical documentation about the Silk Road in the same space. The exhibition, with the combination of ancient documentation and contemporary works of art, will create an abstract space which ignores the limitations of time, space, culture, history and geography, making possible the cultural and historical exchanges between ancient and modern works in a silent manner.

Ningxia is an important post on the ancient Silk Road and a place for cultural exchanges between the East and the West. The upcoming Silent Narratives held by MOCA Yinchuan would positively respond to the call to inject the connotation of the times into Chinese spirit under the Belt and Road Initiative, and to strive for national rejuvenation. The exhibition, with the assistance of cultural relics on display, will be conducive to the promotion of the city brand of Yinchuan. These cultural relics collected in the museums, the heritage displayed on the vast land, and the characters written in ancient books would come to life and run into a conversation with the contemporary era during the exhibition, aiming to enhance and deepen the world’s understanding of Chinese culture. Visitors can feel the power of silence and the charm of narration. It will be a precious experience to exhibit contemporary art works such as sculptures, images, installations and paintings together with relevant background information as well as antiquities, which provides a superexcellent platform for the public’s re-understanding and exploration of history and life and improve their aesthetic appreciation.

This exhibition is divided into three chapters: The Greater China (East Asia), The Middle East (The ancient Persian Empire and Babylonian Empire, and today’s Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq) and Western Europe (Roman Empire, ancient Greek, and today’s European countries). The arrangement of the exhibition is similar to the layout of the ancient Silk Road, which started from East Asia and ended in Western Europe. In the Greater China chapter, we mainly discuss two parts: “The Traditional Art and Culture of the Silk Road in China” and “The Relationship between Traditional Art and Contemporary Art”. The Middle East chapter describes the two main issues of “Glorious Past” and “Isolation and Separation”. The last chapter, the Western Europe discusses “Eurocentrism”, “Colonialism and Post-Colonialism” and “the Far-right wing’s rise in Europe”.

The exhibition, Silent Narratives is not only related to the past, but also takes the present into account. The ancient Silk Road is just an introduction, which invites us to view the world from the perspectives of the history, culture and politics of globalization. Both ancient literature and today’s visual arts are narrated by artists from their own points of view, either micro or macro, which also offers the possibility for visitors to interpret the history from multiple perspectives.

The exhibition is hosted by MOCA Yinchuan, with special support from BEHL Ningsheng City Investment and Development Co., Ltd and Ningxia Minsheng Culture and Art Education Foundation. Two special lectures will be held successively along with the opening of the exhibition. The Curator, Huang Mei will visit local universities in Ningxia to deliver a special lecture on art creation and opportunities and challenges in the context of globalization, and share the background information of the exhibition Silent Narratives and the works of artists included. On June 2, MOCA Yinchuan will also invite the Curator of a perpetual exhibition The Outline of Territory—Historical Map Collections, Professor Guo Liang to deliver a lecture on View of the World -- Historical Map Collections in MOCA Yinchuan and Their History and Artistry, communicate with our visitors and explore the magic world of maps, setting forth together on a thinking and spiritual journey full of challenges and wisdom.

The exhibition will officially open to the public on June 1, 2019, and will run until August 8, 2019.

Name: Silent Narratives

Duration: June 1, 2019-August 8, 2019

Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan

The Curator:
Huang Mei, graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London with a MFA in Curating. She is also a doctoral candidate in Anthropology at the University of Barcelona, Spain. Huang used to be a research curator at Center for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) in Manchester, the UK, and has curated many projects and exhibitions on international platforms. She is currently the manager of international relations with Asia at Blanquerna, University of Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Artists List for Silent Narratives (A-Z listing)
Abidin, Adel 、Barakeh, Zeina、Benera, Anca & Estefan, Arnold、Cheng Ran 、Dashti,Gohar、Ding Shiwei 、 Fatmi, Mounir、Khosravi, Arghavan 、Li Linlin、Liu Guangli、Liu Jianhua、Ma Wenting、Moradkhandi Azita、Pu Yingwei、拉Sanour, Larissa、Shen Ruijun、Wang Sishun 、Wu Guanzhen、Yang Song、Yu Feifei、Zadok,Tamir、Zheng Lu、Zhu Zhengming、Zong Ning